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Why a perpetual learner beats a fancy CV anyday

Play to your strengths. Hire experience. Remove uncertainty. When hiring, I’ve heard these platitudes over and over. And while they may contain some truth, to me they add up to the worst thing you can have on a team: Boredom.

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How to create a movement: Trust, transparency, and telling your true story

The path to a good product is never pretty. We’ve all faced those moments where the weight of our work—and our life—come crashing down, pinning us to the ground and crushing our lungs until we can’t breathe.

The tool isn’t the problem: Why Slack isn’t causing your communication problem

It’s been almost a year since we went through the process of switching our entire team at Crew from HipChat over to Slack. At the time, the decision didn’t really carry much weight.

Why you need a clear, concise content calendar (and how to make one)

No matter what business you’re in, there’s a pretty good chance you’re pumping out some form of content to bring attention, build trust, or attract new customers. And whether that means blog posts, side projects, or podcasts, there’s one thing […]