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Inspiration needs action: Tobias Van Schneider on taking creative risks

Bestselling author Seth Godin said that art is “when we think something might not work”. Yet in the creative world it’s all too easy to avoid risk—to follow others and hold on tightly to our achievements like some ratty safety blanket.

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The unimportance of everything

When I first jumped into the freelance world I was constantly working. I would answer email at any hour of the day, spend my evenings finishing up client work, and never fully take a weekend off. It was crazy.

Dann Petty on living an inspiring life and not punching the clock

Too often we see the successes of other creatives and focus on how they work, thinking that if we follow their steps—wake up when they wake up, use their tools, drink the same brand of coffee—our work will be the same.

How to feel like you have ‘enough': What Louis C.K. taught me about money

A few years ago, comedian Louis C.K. did something that changed the way artists thought about distributing work to their fans.

Less but better: Why simple always sells

There are few mantras echoed as tirelessly in design circles as that of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s “Less is more.” (Or, more likely, Dieter Rams’s adapted version: “Less but better”.)