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No more digital detoxes: How to live in harmony with your tech

It’s hard to envision life without the smartphone in your pocket. What would you do at a red light? What about while standing in line at the grocery story? God forbid trying to find somewhere new without turning to Google Maps. 

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It’s not me, it’s you: Why you need to fire bad clients

In 2009, I ran into my first bad client. While running my IWearYourShirt business, I encountered clients of all shapes and sizes, but up to that point (and a count of 161 previous clients) I’d never had any trouble.

Why habits are the only competitor you need to worry about

Successful companies aren’t just built on products alone. They’re built on the new habits they help you form.

How to keep your creative momentum from fading away

When it comes to doing your best creative work, getting started is only half the battle. Once you get past that initial hurdles of self doubt and internal criticism, a second, more dangerous issue appears: maintaining your creative momentum.

From brief to feedback: The keys to creative communication

When you run a business, you’ll occasionally need help from professionals like accountants or lawyers. Most people are well versed in this particular breed of specialist, but from time to time you might need a different type: the creative type.